PAST EVENT: Photography & Social Media with Jeff Sedlik and James Lorin Silverberg, Esq.

Photography & Social Media
with Jeff Sedlik and James Lorin Silverberg, Esq.

Hosted by APA/NW and APA/EP

Free Admission – open to all
RSVP required; RSVP HERE please

Wednesday, May 29, 2013
7:00 to 9:00 PM
Social Half-hour at 6:30

Seattle Central Community College (SCCC)

Photography & Social Media
with Jeff Sedlik and James Lorin Silverberg, Esq.

Social Media, the PLUS System, & Strategic Licensing in the Internet Age

Social Media sounds like a great set of tools for your business, but just what are you signing up for? Turns out there’s a lot more to social media than just getting re-tweets, likes, and +1s.  Can we keep our images from escaping our control?  How can we use it to our benefit?

As social media outlets have become a burgeoning platform for professional exposure, photographers are confronting new and sometimes unexpected media management challenges. Often focusing only on the rewards of social media exposure, many photographers fail to recognize the sometimes shocking and potentially irreversible consequences that come with the use of these platforms. Would you click on that “Terms Of Use Agreement”  if you really knew what it said? Maybe not!
Part one of this seminar, presented by noted I.P. attorney James Lorin Silverberg, Esq. of the Intellectual Property Group, will give the professional photographer a clear understanding of the key legal implications resulting from their use of current social media sites.Next, hear Jeff Sedlik, President of the PLUS Coalition, past National President of the Advertising Photographers of America, and a Professor at the Art Center College of Design, as he shares advances in PLUS, the Picture Licensing Universal System, and how that might impact social media.

Much more than just a glossary of terms, PLUS is a three part system that clearly defines and categorizes image usage around the world, from granting and acquiring licenses to tracking and managing them well into the future.  PLUS uses standardized language and a machine-readable coding architecture, to make image licenses more transparent, more fair, and much simpler for everyone.  PLUS is a system to define licensing language AND to provide a way for creators and users to build and manage license data, thereby connecting images, their creators, and their users across the web.Join us as we uncover some hidden pitfalls of social media sites, what we can do about them, and how we might maximize their advantages.  Learn the best ways to get your work seen without losing complete control!

Photography & Social Media
with Jeff Sedlik and James Lorin Silverberg, Esq.

This special event will take place at:
Commercial Photography Program
Seattle Central Creative Academy
1701 Broadway – BE5112
Seattle, WA 98122

The Commercial Photography Program is part of the Seattle Central Creative Academy. Both are located on the fifth floor of Seattle Central Community College.
The SCCC campus can be found in Seattle’s Capitol Hill district at 1701 Broadway. The campus garage is one block west of Broadway at the corner of Harvard and East Pine .
After parking head one block northeast of the garage entrance to the front of the main campus building (red brick and faces Broadway).
Enter through the center doorways. Directly in front of you will be a pair of elevators. Take one of them to the 5th floor. Exit the elevator and proceed across the large open area until you come to a long hallway on the left.
Follow the hallway until you arrive at the first set of double doors on your left (Rm 5156-5158).  This is the entrance to the Commercial Photography Studios. A bit further on is  Rm 5112.