PAST EVENT: APA Member Caren Alpert’s “terra cibus” Photo Exhibition at Camerawork Gallery in Portland OR, 6.16.12 to 7.20.12

“terra cibus”

SAN FRANCISCO – (May 1, 2012) Notable photographer Caren Alpert, based in San Francisco, will have a solo exhibit of her fine art series, terra cibus, at Camerawork Gallery in Portland, OR. The show will run from June 16 – July 20, 2012 and features 10 images that will encourage you to think differently about the food you eat. For the last two years, Caren has been examining the beauty and biology in our most basic form of sustenance.

terra cibus visually addresses America’s new-found obsession with delving deeper into their food. What’s on our plate three-to-five times a day becomes a poetic version of itself, combining food, art and science/technology. Using photographs taken with electron microscopes, Caren has found mystery and familiarity simultaneously. This medium deconstructs, abstracts, and reveals the ordinary in a riveting way.

About Caren Alpert
Caren Alpert is a San Francisco-based fine art and commercial photographer. She specializes in food, travel, and lifestyle topics, and teaches editorial photography at Academy of Art University. Born in New York, and raised in Tucson, Arizona, Caren earned a bachelor’s of fine arts in photography and graphic design from the University of Arizona.

Caren started her career as a photo editor in New York working with titles such as Health and Money Magazines. In addition, she’s worked as an editor and researcher for Vogue, George, and for Miramax Films.

Much of Caren’s commercial life centers around culinary topics. But, she is also a science geek at heart. As a result, she found a way to combine her three favorite topics: food, technology and art, by photographing food with an electron microscope.

About Camerawork Gallery
Camerawork Gallery is located at 2255 NW Northrup Street in Portland, Oregon. It is the oldest fine art photography gallery in the United States. Since the 1970s, the gallery has exhibited photographers from all around the Northwest and nationally. Nestled within the Linfield College Nursing School Campus, the gallery is open 9am – 5pm Monday – Saturday.

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